Into the Airwaves

by Electric Moral

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released August 26, 2014

Adam Trott - Bass/ Vocals
Coulter Carey - Drums/ Vocals
Dominic McFadden - Guitar/ Vocals

We would also like to thank Daniel Pi for his early contributions to tracks 1-6



all rights reserved


Electric Moral Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hello, we are Electric Moral and we love making music. We let ourselves experiment with really whatever style we want. As you can tell, there is a general funky vibe in our tunes. We hope you enjoy our music. If you like what you hear then like us on Facebook!
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Track Name: Sleep Tonight
You build these walls
To protect yourself from nothing at all
It's not hard to talk, you didn't have to scream
Undoing all my trust, and burning all of our dreams

You may sleep tonight
You may dreaming of you and I
You may sleep tonight, but darling what we had has died

I know what I did was so damn wrong
But can you even say that you tried to hold on
You abandoned me, and caused yourself this grief
Now when I look at you I can hardly breathe

I told you all along, that you could come to me.
When I was hurting, you burned what we would be
Well I remember when, you were broken lost and down
And I didn't let you drown, no I didn't let you drown
Track Name: Prison Cell
Welcome to the new age
Where our freedom is what we trade
To protect ourselves from enemy threats
What would they find out from us?
Are you sure that we can trust?
They would never steal your lives
So we're safe from the outside
Because they're watching us on the inside
It kind of feels like a prison cell

Cause they hear it all
They see it all
Don't let them destroy what you believe is right

What if we cannot defend
As the agency's move in
Can't you see big brother's watching you?
They read the script so straight
As they start to violate
Every single right we've ever had
So we're safe from the outside
Because they're watching us on the inside
I think we're living in a prison cell
Track Name: Suppress
The line gets drawn
Where they decide how much we get to know
About the fighting, and the pain that's just outside of our doors
They keep us blind
To push the agendas that link up the whole world
So why can't we know? Oh lord why can't we know

How can I trust you when you hide the truth?
How can I think for my self when you suppress?

So lets roll over this whole big storm
Lost live for nothing, and no offered help for us to even refuse
Well the fuse is burning
But can you catch yourself?
Before you burn in flames
Don't you think that we know, it's all your fault that we're crashing down?

We've got it all under control
So quiet down your folderol
Occam's Razor says it all
Maslow's Tower will never fall
Track Name: 30
It's okay, I'll Blame myself
When you can't say it's someone else
If I'm not human, then what are you?
We've done the same things, you know it's true

It's okay to (Blame it on me)
I'm not falling down (If that's what you say)
I'll believe you (Cause there's no way out)
I'll stay underground (So blame it on me)

It's okay, to live YOUR life
But don't you tell me how to live mine
I want to run so far away
Because you left nothing worth to stay
Track Name: In Extremis
For so long I'd never come to feel this pain
So far from where I stood today
It's breaking me down, I'm turning around
It's got ya feeling so down whoa

Wait there you will see the light
Wait there you will realize
That our souls they are compromised
So stay here tonight

For so long life never had to be
So far and so gone from where I stood that day
It's shakin' me down
I'm spiraling down
I cannot find my way out

Wait there you will see the light
Wait there you will realize
That in extremis it has come to life
So stay here tonight
Track Name: Drown
It's burning inside me
The desire to be loved, to be worth something
Well she's takin' it from me
And persistently it evades, my longing reach.

I've never felt so lonely
Even when I am surrounded by those dear to me
I need an escape from my perpetual isolation
I continue to drown in your ocean, in your ocean

Another evening passes
I feel nothing new, I am drowning
Stagnant as I run
Chasing it all, but love always evades me

Whoa baby, you're gonna burn
You're gonna feel all of me
You're gonna feel all of me

And whoa baby, I'm gonna burn this whole world
Before I drown in your ocean
Before I drown in your ocean
Track Name: Into the Airwaves
Striving, advances thrown back in your face
Diving down, you're just a fragment in this endless space
It's stretched too this, waiting for acceptance this world does not have
Oh acceptance this world does not have

Well look at yourself, finally fighting into the airwaves

Thriving, there's no such thing as you question faith
Surviving, off the crumbs that they throw your way
It's stretched too this, waiting for acceptance this world does not have
Oh acceptance this world does not have